Finance Administratorswould like to inform its clients of an independent company

Finance Administratorswould like to inform its clients of an independent company, with no association nor a business relation that is attempting to use the Trade-name and logo of Finance Administratorswithout our permission nor consent in order to raise funds for an alleged upcoming ICO.

Clients of Finance Administratorsas well as interested participants of upcoming ICOs are warned that the company allegedly entirely unrelated to Finance Administrators, which is a duly regulated entity, and are therefore advised not to cooperate in any way with this ICO in any way whatsoever. Therefore, and taking into consideration the facts in hand, the company has made a decision to proceed appropriately with the necessary actions against such unlawful conduct within its regulatory and legal obligations and framework.

The exposure of this fraudulent ICO highlights how easy it is for clients of financial services to be misled. This being said, we are extremely concerned for the fund safety of our loyal clientele, who know our brand, and who identify us as an ethical and reputable broker.

The management team of Finance Administratorsurges extreme caution and advises its clientele to do an in-depth research before deciding to invest, and to be fully aware of the risks. Clients and investors are welcome to contact in case of any doubt or if they wish for verification on any matters relating to the official activities of Finance Administrator LLC.

We’re overjoyed that made it to all these Authoritative events. It was wonderful to share Finance Administrators brokerage strategic information and we really appreciate you coming from so far away to be there with us.