Whether you’re a self-directed, active or algorithmic trader, Finance Administrators has the trading platform and technological resources to accommodate your trading style.
Founded in 2008, ‘Finance Administrators’ (Finance Administrator LLC) specializes in the provision of order execution for a wide variety of assets, segregated funds and a full range of electronic trading services, from beginner to advanced, to benefit traders throughout the world. We intend to build a long lasting legacy based on putting customers first and always addressing the full spectrum of dynamic financial technology realities.

At Finance Administrators, we believe that we have entered the next financial epoch, where cryptocurrency is the metaphysic with the meaning; we also understand that the true mysteries of cryptocurrency do not require our belief for them to work. And, yes, cryptocurrencies work. Very little is understood about what cryptocurrencies and computational blockchains truly are in the modern context, even by the very individuals that develop them, nevertheless, they have opened for us this fact of the existence of a vast potential as they are, in accelerating fashion, revivifying the inner financial imaginations of so many. We feel, as the cacophony of the modern financial marketplace can make the curves and edges of cryptocurrency harder to discern, to best understand cryptocurrency, we must simultaneously make the effort to understand it for both for what it is, and what it is not and from the many various angles between. Cryptocurrency is “something” that “isn’t” that transcends rational apprehension and gives us new meaning to the notion of what money, trading and banking can be.

At Finance Administrator, we prefer to understand cryptocurrency as not about rejecting legacy banking or the consumer driven market place, rather it’s simply about changing and enhancing our relationship with them, to ourselves and to one another. Entrepreneurs, corporate technology chiefs and developers all around the world are seemingly are obsessed with finding new possible applications for the block-chain paradigm, many for their own purposes, and perhaps not always with a complete fidelity to the intent of the original Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper. Regardless, whether we like it or not, it is clear now that cryptocurrency has befallen us and represents, at the very least, a breakthrough that continues to configure subsequent global events, financial technologies and potentially even human civilization “as we know it.”

Driven by new technologies, chief among them the blockchain, there is a significant decentralization movement, occurring at a gathering pace of crypto ideas per second per second, which is happening all over the world. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains aren’t a plaything; they have the potential to disrupt our current social, political and economic systems. Also, once implemented, they can be very difficult to shut down. And of course with new technologies, come new problems, such as scaling and the many problems that arise from trying to do everything on a single chain.

We grew out of the Asian Forex trading boom where “the work hard club” was our guiding principle. Each of our founders learned the business from the ground up. Imbued, we have now become cryptocurrency and financial technology enthusiasts ourselves, and we are now bringing more than 60 years of combined trading and exchange operation experience to the table with our CFD platforms that abstract away the underlying crypto asset classes. This, in turn, acts as a single data point of understanding for us and what cryptocurrencies are “invertedly.”

For a little over two years now we have also been conducting extensive research to greaten our depths in the understanding and development of scalable peer-to-peer digital medium of exchange systems based on clever combinations of gaming theory, distributed ledgers, consensus algorithms and cryptographic proofs that allow willing parties to transact directly with each other without relying on any central authority, market maker or clearing house. Additionally, we are of course looking into how this technology is being extended to applications and decentralized processing, bringing blockchain beyond just a ledger and balances to actually allowing code to run on a computational blockchain.

Leadership comes naturally to the executives at Finance Administrator. We have devoted substantial resources to ensuring we are an industry leader in security, risk management and technology. On the risk management front, we leverage a wide range of technology to monitor the risk profile of every customer, position and product market on a 24-hour basis. On the technology front, our trading platform stacks up against the best available technology for online traders. We have implemented redundancy for every critical function of our trading network, with no single point of failure, and monitor network latency and system availability as we continue to innovate and bring our clients one the most advanced and dimensionally rich trading platforms in the industry.

“Economic Freedom, in every sense of the word, and on the broadest scale.”

Our mission is to provide the people with a platform, or wave field, where lightning-fast and secure FX and digital asset exchange can take place, while preventing profit rationale from forcing technological and engineering compromises. Consciously engineering change, continual innovation and looking at finance without precondition are essential to remaining competitive and achieving our mission of exceeding customer expectations, thus it is at the heart of our business growth. The financial efficacy of our methods, our financial stratagems and our technological implementations have been proven and lead us to being what and where we are today, and as we grow in our sophistication, we feel extremely exciting destinies await us, by free will and our own choosing, as we penetrate ever deeper, with reverence, into the great and exciting business of truly being human.