Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize the value our clients derive from their most precious resources. By offering advanced and innovative services, optimal customer care and perpetual devotion to our clients, we will ensure that their individual needs are always met as markets continue to evolve over time. We aim to become industry leaders by fully exploring the potential of the financial markets and placing our clients’ needs at the centre of every decision we make. We will always strive to ensure maximum performance, customer satisfaction and security in every investment. Vectored towards success, resourceful by nature and skilled through experience, we are certain we will fulfil our aspirations, and yours.



We strive for excellence every single day.

From enhancing our existing services, to developing world-class products, Finance Administrator is always ensuring that it provides its gives traders the ultimate trading experience and an opportunity to take full advantage of the techniques for successful trading



We are committed to all those who we conduct business with; our clients, our affiliates and our partners. We hold their work and ambitions in very high esteem and we do our best to help them reach their aspirations.



We are committed to our employees. We recognize that every minute spent at work is a minute away from home. We make sure that we always show them the appreciation and respect we have for them as individuals. We believe in the importance of a motivational working environment and above all we believe in equal opportunity.


Giving our traders an advantage

Our IT team has developed the most advanced Forex and Cryptocurrency trading technologies for traders, which are being offered by very few other brokers. With such technologies, traders can go above and beyond the traditional Forex trading techniques and achieve great success through exceptional methods. In addition, these technologies contribute to higher liquidity, tighter spreads and an overall enhancement of the trading experience.



We believe in giving back to the community that gives so much to us. It is our responsibility as human beings to support any attempts made to protect the environment, better education, improve our health and make society a better place.



Ultimately, we believe that respect is the ultimate currency; it is a value that cannot be absent from any walk of life, personal or professional. At Finance Administrator, we respect ourselves, each other, our work, our clients and our community. Our company stands for trust, integrity, transparency, innovation and progress.